Expert Advisor

EA Shark 7.0

Stable profits during any market conditions

The Forex Expert Advisor EA Shark uses inter market data, volatility, volume and statistical correlation data to determine the actual market conditions and adapt itself to these trading conditions. As a result the system returns stable profits during any market conditions.

High Win Rate

When a new entry is determined the Forex Expert Advisor is not simple placing a trade as a usual mechanical system. Before making a trading decision the EA SHARK compares the actual market data (price action, volume, trading time and much data more) with all available data from the past and calculates the win probability. When the probability is above 95%, the system places the trade. Result: 95% winning trades during all market conditions.

100% Automatic trading or semi- automatic trading

The four most important things for currency traders are: Fundamental analyzes, technical analyzes, inter market analyzes and money management. All this and much more is done 100% automatic from the EA Shark. The Forex EA will monitor the foreign exchange market for you 24 hours a day, determine the best entries, calculate the win probability, place the trade, including stop loss and take profit and handle money management as well. Negative emotional factors like greed and fear are closed out.

If you prefer to place the trades manual you can turn off the automatic execution and use the built in trade alert feature.

You will be always up to date

As the EA Shark trades without any human intervention you can do whatever you like to do while the system trades for you. At the same time, you will be always up to date via the built in Email and SMS notification system. Example: You spend time with your family, EA Shark 6.0 informs you through SMS that a new trade has been placed, 30 minutes later the system sends you another notification that the trade is closed with a profit from 500.00 $.

Secure Trading

Trading through the internet brings also risks with it. Broker server could be not reachable or your internet connection is interrupted. To prevent loss causes from technical problems, the Forex Expert Advisor EA Shark secures every trade with a fixed stop loss order. Further connection problems are recognized, and the system will reconnect to the server automatically. Whatever, happen you can be sure your account equity is secure.

Free Updates

Our Team not only develops high end currency trading systems, we also work hard on to improve them to make sure that our customers trade with the best trading systems available for currency traders. Whenever a new build update is available for the Forex expert advisor you will be informed immediately. Through Email and built in update notification.

100% Quality and Satisfaction Guarantee

We take our work serous and all Forex expert advisors offered from us are tested with historical data from at least 10 years and forward tested using our own live accounts for a minimum of six months before offered to foreign exchange traders. The EA Shark runs already since the year 2007 forward and has been continuously improved since this. We are confident that you will be 100% satisfacted with the EA SHARK 6.0. However, important is that what our customers think. From this reason, every customer purchase from us with a 100% quality and satisfaction guarantee. Risk free with no question asked for the case you request a refund.

EA Shark 7.0 Characteristics

The Forex Expert Advisor EA Shark is much more than a Forex EA which places trades automatically. It also includes powerful built in features like money management, Email and SMS notification, Auto Adaptation and many more as listed below.

Currency Pair(s)EUR/USD
Trading TimeEU, US, Asia
Trading StyleShort Therm
Time Frame30 Minute Chart
Average Monthly Trades20
VPS Compatible
ECN Execution Supported
STP Supported
NFA Rule Compatible
Market Maker Supported
Fractional Lots Supported
5 Digits Price Feeds
Auto Execution
Stealth Mode
Email Notification
SMS Notification
Auto Adaptive
Neural Networks Used20
Wildrun Protection
High Spread Protection
Refund Period60 days

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